The Romanian Cultural Institute and
the Romanian Information Centre In Brussels

have the pleasure of inviting you to the film

The green tree
From Shetl to Brodway
Documentary about Avram Goldfaden
Founder of the Jewish Theatre, original playwright and pioneer of the musical

Direction: Radu Gabrea

126 years ago, Avram Goldfaden founded in the north of Romania, at Iasi, the capital of Moldavia, whose population was over 50% Jewish, the first professional Jewish theatre. At his death in 1980 in New York, some 70 000 New Yorkers participated at the funeral procession, blocking all traffic in Manhattan in order to pay their last respect to the “Shakespeare of the Jewish people”

The film describes Goldfaden’s journey from Iasi to New York via Odessa and Sankt Petersburg, and will bring into the present and exceptional personality of the Jewish culture, active throughput the world; it will, at the same time, highlight the short-lived cultural relations between the Romanians and the local Jewish population.

On Monday, March  12 th 2007

at 19.30 h

at the Romanian Information Centre in Brussels

107, Rue Gabrielle, 1180 Brussels

The documentary will be presented by the director Radu Gabrea

The screening will be followed by a glass of wine

Please confirm your participation at or at phone: 02/344 41 45