The Romanian Cultural Institute and
the Romanian Information Centre In Brussels

have the pleasure of inviting you to the film

The green tree
From Shetl to Brodway
Documentary about Avram Goldfaden
Founder of the Jewish Theatre, original playwright and pioneer of the musical
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Holocaust Era Swiss Bank funds can be claimed against new published list of 3,100 names

U.S. District Court announces Holocaust-era Swiss funds can be claimed against new published list of 3,100 names

Banks Agree to Release 3,100 Additional Names After Lengthy Talks; New Bank Account Claims Due No Later than July 13, 2005

Swiss Bank Settlement Fund Reaches $690 Million in Distributions Affecting 328,000 Persons:

$219 Million Distributed to Owners of 2,800 Holocaust-era Swiss Bank Accounts

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International Commission on the Holocaust in Romania

  • Purpose
  • Goals of the Commission
  • The Commission’s mandate
  • The Period of Examination (1937-1951)
  • Identification of Victims
  • Geographic Areas of Examination
  • Identification of Perpetrators
  • Outline of Topics for Study
  • Presentation of the Commission Report
  • Dissemination of the Commission’s Work
  • Budget and Administration and Work
  • Members of the Commission


    An international commission created by the President of Romania will examine the history of the Holocaust in Romania for the purpose of establishing the facts of this event and disseminating its findings in Romania and abroad. The Commission will consist of recognized historians and public figures whose scholarship and participation are intended to insure its credibility and authority. It will be chaired by Nobel Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel.

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